How It Works


We want your employees to love you, so we make the process as easy as possible.  Our goal is to keep employees committed long term, build excitement, and deliver on great trips that build lasting memories.  Our travel plans work similarly to a 401k.  Set a withholding amount and save for the company getaway!



We have a robust application and a small but dedicated group of developers who will help customize our software to fit the needs of your organization.  Want a full integration?  No problem.  Want something a little more basic?  We can do that too.

We have several variations of employee registration to suit your business needs.  We can customize the required fields to collect that data your organization needs for each employee (such as what team they are on, or which office they are located at).

  • Want to keep it simple?  No problem, we can get a custom URL for your company and your employees can go there to register.
  • Want to only allow users from a predefined list? We can do that too.
  • We can integrate with your company single sign on.
  • Have a company email domain?  We  can restrict registration to users with a valid company email address.

Whatever your needs, we can get your employees in our system, in whichever way suits you best.

Subscriptions are a compelling way to pay for a trip because it gives people the opportunity to save over an extended period of time.  This lowers stress and gives people an opportunity to go on a great vacation without worrying about debt or large single payments.  Many of the people that travel with us are first time travelers because never before have they been able to afford travel.  Aviago makes it much easier!

Withholdings also enhance this process because users don’t have to worry about credit card payments, or transaction fees.  We work with your business to setup a set of sensible withholding options for your employees.  Limiting the options makes the process easier for your payroll department, while still giving your employees multiple choices that suit their travel desires.

We also offer credit/debit card subscriptions for employees of businesses that aren’t ready to fully integrate with withholdings.

Want a big company retreat at the end of the year?  Or would you rather have multiple small trips spaced out over the year?  Our operations team works closely with you to choose the trips that suit your organization best.

You will probably want to pick trip times during your slow periods.  That’s different for every company, which is great because we are very flexible and can plan trips for any time of the year.  Our experts will work with you to pick a time that is right for your company and your employees.

We know how costly it is to lose your best people.  Costs for training and retention can be high.  With Aviago you can invest directly into your employees in a way that creates loyalty and appreciation in various ways.

  • Employer contributions:  Match a percentage of your employee’s withholding rate.  Help them see the world and they will be very excited to re-enroll and continue employment for years to come.
  • Perks/Rewards:  Have employees that are going above and beyond?  You can give them rewards towards their vacation package.  Investing in your employees travel plan is a great alternative to gift cards.  We can also work with you to offer special perks to hand out to your top performers.  Reward your employees with cruise excursions or scuba diving!
  • Swag.  Need some hype for your upcoming company trip?  We can help you create some awesome company branded trip gear to hand out to your team.  Make the memories last for  years after.

Once your employee has signed up for a trip, they can also login to their dashboard to keep up to date with all the relevant information for their vacation.

We help keep them excited with a large countdown banner they see everytime they log into their account.  They can browse pictures and see announcements for their trip!


Build loyalty while creating lasting positive memories…